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When was Rossetti born?

London 5th December 1830


where did she live most of her childhood?

A rented house in central London


What were the names of her two brothers and one sister?

The elder brother: Gabriel Dante- although he later became known as Dante
The younger brother: William
The oldest sibling: Maria


What religion did the children grow up in? Did this have an effect on Rossetti?

All the children were baptised and brought up as protestants, specifically as Anglicans. This religious grounding was to influence Christina for the rest of her life and through her poetry.


What did Dante Gabriel have a talent for and what did this lead him to do?

Dante had an immense talent for art and enjoyed painting . Dante's artistic tendencies were to see him become a founder-member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.


What was the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood movement?

It was a group of English painters who looked to challenge the classical influences of Raphael, the Italian Renaissance painter, and his successors and to return to earlier influences.


What are common themes in Pre-Raphaelite paintings?

-bright colours
-patriarchal society
vulnerability of women
- double standard of sexual morality in society


How old was Rossetti when her grandfather printed a collection of her poems?

Christina was 16, the collection was entitled verses and was private. distribution only.


What happened in 1862?

A volume entitled Goblin Market and Other Poems was published by Macmillan in 1862 .


What happened in 1896?

A pageant and other poems was published by Rossetti's brother William two years after her death.


Christina Rossetti declined two offers of marriage due to differences in religion. What two poems are said to be based of this experience?

1. No, thank you, John.
2. Twice


When did Christina Rossetti die and what was the cause?

She died on the 28th December 1894 of Breast Cancer of which she recently underwent a mastectomy.