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what was Webster's birth rank and how is this reflected in DoM

he was not of noble birth and the plays treatment of class reflects this (eg Bosola's admiration of Duchess marrying below her rank)


what Shakespearean tradition does Webster invert by giving Delio the first and last lines in the play

Shakespeare often gives the last line to the character of the highest status- Webster doesn't do this


how is class shown in the play

class is on the one hand shown to be binding and restricting (why D+As marriage ends so tragically) but Webster also suggest that class is fluid - true worth and merit should be given a greater value than birth rank (by delio being given the first and last lines)


malfi acts as a ..... for ....

microcosm for the court of James I at the time- riddled with sychophants


how are the duchess and Elizabeth I similar

Elizabeth made the decision not to marry was heavily criticized -- indicative of concerns surrounding womens power-- women were considered property to their male relations


AO5- Lee Bliss critic

"The Duchess seeks private happiness at the expense of public stability. As a ruler, she can no more be lauded for the example she sets than her brothers."


Antonio quote about ambition

"Ambition, madam, is a great man's madness"


Duchess diamonds quote

"Diamonds are of most value,/They say that have passed through most jewellers' hands"


Cariola's description of the duchess after she marries Antonio

"a fearful madness"


quote that shows the duchess' stoicism

"I am Duchess of Malfi still"


Duchess quote when she knows she's going to die

"For know, whether I am doomed to live or die, I can do both like a prince"


Duchess quote about social status to Antonio

"This goodly roof of yours is too low built"


Bosola quote about not rising above his social status

"I look no higher than I can reach"


Antonio quote about corruption in the court

"Some cursed example poison't near the head/Death and disease through the whole land spread"


Bosola quote about fate/ambition

"...we follow after bubbles blown in the air"


Quote that shows Ferdinand's nature

"A most perverse and turbulent nature"


James I wrote what document about ambition and what did it say

Basilikron Doron
Social mobility was becoming an increasing issue in Jacobean times so James I published BD, in this he stated that class divisions were sacrosanct so ambition was a sin- would be fresh in collective conscious of audiences at the time. Link to audiences then vs now