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Lacey Baldwin smith critic

...people were longing for the ‘sea faring strength’ of Elizabeth I (links to context with parallels between duchess and Elizabeth)


Jankowski critic

The Duchess abandons her duties of ‘body politic’ for those of her ‘body natural’ and for this she has to die


David Gunby critic

Describes a malcontent as a “character divided within himself” and if the metaphorical ‘fountain’ of the court hadn’t been poisoned then Bosola would have been allowed to thrive


Lee Bliss critic

“(The duchess) seeks private happiness at the expense of public stability. As a ruler she can no more be lauded for the example she sets than her brothers”


Irving Ribner about love and the duchess

“The Duchess, not her brothers, stand for ordinary humanity, love and the continuity of life through children”


P B Murray critic

The radiant spirit of the Duchess cannot be killed


Elizabeth Oakes critic, what does the Duchess saying “I am duchess of Malfi still” show

With that title she negates her relationship with Antonio: she becomes the woman carved in stone that Ferdinand wanted her to be.


Michael Neill critic about Antonio and Bosola

“Antonio can be no model of virtue: he too is like the equivocal Bosola”


Muriel Bradbrook about Bosola and the Duchess

“Bosola, the chief instrument in the Duchess’ betrayal and subjection, also bears the strongest witness to her virtues”


Christopher Hart critic about the brothers motives

The two brothers are not driven by any sense of possessive outrage, however warped, but by a delight in malice itself, a “motiveless malignity” even against their own flesh and blood.


Lee Bliss critic about the cardinal vs Ferdinand

The Cardinal’s cool, unemotional detachment is more terrifying than Ferdinand’s impassioned raving