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who wrote Areopagitica



what was argued in Areopagitica

evil was allowed into the world in order for us to see good by contrast and by exercising our virtue in order to reject it. it also defended the freedom of the press


when was paradise lost published



how long did it take Milton to write PL

at least 7 years


how does Shelley (romantic) see Satan

perceived satan as the quintessential hero. it is in satan that Shelley finds the true embodiment of Milton's personality and of his moral ideal.


what genre of poetry is PL

epic poetry


2 other examples of epic poetry

Homer's 'Odyssey' and 'Iliad' and Virgil's 'Aeneid' (precursors to PL even though they were written centuries before)


how does PL and Milton challenge typical gender roles

Milton's interpretation of Genesis hints at some of the problems of gender roles and 'institutionalized misogyny' that is part of Western tradition


what was Milton's view of divorce and what did he publish this in

Milton wrote 4 divorce tracts in 1643, claiming that failed marriages were not true marriages and should be legally ended.


in his work 'On Christian Doctrine' Milton even considers that women may be...

wiser in marriage than the man


what did Milton argue about Charles I in 'Of the Tenure of Kings and Magistrates'

was written during the trial of Charles I and was one of the few contemporary publications to wholeheartedly endorse the revolutionary act of regicide (executing a king) which was considered treason by its opponents


when did oliver Cromwell die



what was the restoration of the monarchy

when Charles II took the throne of England again after William Cromwell's death- was asked to return by disaffected MPs


when was the restoration of the monarchy



what was Milton's view of the restoration of the monarchy

Milton felt the English had feebly given away their newly recovered freedom


how did Milton use his dissatisfaction with the politics of present day England in PL

contains many allusions to the present day


how does Satan reflect Milton's views

Milton seems to have put into Satan's mouth many of the aspirations against tyranny which he himself and his fellow republicans had fought for.


explain Augustine's theodicy

suggested that evil, rather than being an entity of its own, is instead a privation of good.


what religion were most Christians before the protestant revolution



what did martin luther argue for

luther disagreed with the power that the church held and developed the doctrine of Sola Fide (only faith)- by faith alone can mankind find salvation


why was luther's argument so powerful and influential

the invention of the printing press- meant their ideas were more accessible


what religion was Milton and what did he oppose

was a radical protestant Christian opposed to Catholicism and the Anglican church which held power in England at the time


explain the concept of hierarchy's in protestant religion

there is not only a spatial hierarchy based on physical proximity to God (heaven, earth and hell) but also a spiritual hierarchy of how close creatures and things are to God.


why is eve and satan's disobedience so sinful- relate to hierarchy

to obey God is to respect the hierarchy's, which is why Eve and Satan's attempts to overthrow the hierarchy are so sinful


why was the scientific revolution important for PL

Galileo changed the way that western science permanently operated - provided new theories about the operations of the universe that were previously unheard of. the effect on society was not lost on Milton and you are able to see this in PL with his emphasis on stars and space- shows he was influenced by what was happening at the time