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Name the ligament which connects the sacrum to the ischial tuberosity:

Sacrotuberous ligament


Name the ligament connecting the sacrum to the ischial spine:

sacrospinous ligament


What  foramen is created by the greater sciatic notch and the sacrospinous ligament?

the greater sciatic foramen


What makes up the lesser sciatic foramen?

The less sciatic notch and the sacrotuberous ligament!


You can find a safe place to do a gluteal intramuscular injection by sticking hte needle just superior to a line drawn between 2 structures. What are they?

The posterior superior iliac spine


the greater trochanter


Weaver's bottom is a problem that stems from?

Ischial bursitis

(comes from repetetive hip extension while seated)


What muscles are innervated by the superior gluteal nerve?

Gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and tensor fascia latae


What is Trendelenburg's sign? What problem leads to it?

Hip falls to contralateral side rather than being stabilized as it normally is.


It is caused by an injury to the superior guteal nerve. This causes gluteus medius to no longer be able to stabilize the hip when shifitn gweight from one side to the other


Where does the piriformis originate and insert?

Originates on anterior surface of the sacrum and inserts on the greater trochanter through the sciatic foramen


What is piriformis syndrome?

Individuals involved in sports (ice skaters, cyclists, rock climbers) and women are more likely to develop this syndrome. In 50% of cases, trauma in the buttock is associated with hypertrophy and spasm of the piriformis which compresses the sciatic nerve


In 12% of individuals, the common fibular division of the sciatic nerve may split and go through the piriformis, this makes it easier to compress the nerve


What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a neuritis (inflammation of the nerve) of the sciatic nerve characterized by intense pain at the back of the leg and/or thigh; can also be caused by pressure on a root of the nerve, e.g., from a herniated disc.


What muscles does the inferior gluteal nerve supply?

The gluteus maximus


Just remember that its so gigantic it needs its own nerve



Name the 4 deep muscles of the gluteal region, superior to inferior:

Superior Gemellus

Obturator Internus (will probs only see tendon)

Inferior Gemellus

Quadratus Femoris


Which spinal nerve branches make up the sciatic nerve?

L4, L5, S1, S2, S3


What spinal nerve roots make up the pudendal nerve?

S2, S3, S4

Only the anterior divisions


What nerve innervates the muscles of the hamstrings?

The Tibial division of the sciatic nerve supplies all of the hamstring muscles


the short head of the biceps femoris is innervated by the common fibular nerve