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Method population census

Enumeration district (around 200 households), Enumerators given map of ED and list of addresses. Advanced round to list all properties/households and check whatever residential
Student listed at term time address


What are the 7 domains of the indices of multiple deprivation

Income, employment, health+disability, education+skills+training, barriers to housing and services, living environment deprivation, crime


Why are superoutput areas used

Deprivation and affluence can happen side by side


Death certificate what to write

disease/condition diredctly leading to death, (antecedent causes, morbid conditions giving them rise to above case), Contributing to death but not related to disease/condition causing it


Mortality registration process

Patient dies->doctor issues medical certificate of cause of death->relative present certificate to registrar->registrar isssues 'death certificate'->mortality data aggregated by ONS->cause of death coding->mortality stats published (age+sex, area, cause of death)->mortality data used for life tables, life expectancy population projections