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What is RCT

planned experiment in humans,, designed to assess efficacy of treatment/intervention
ethically justified if no existing evidence that intervention being tested will be superior to existing treatment or effectivee at all


What are RCTs used to evaluate

method of: diagnosis, organising care, screening for disease, disease prevention, healthcare policies


What features of RCT helps protect against bias

randomisation, blinding, ITT analysis


How to decide what types of controls to use in RCT

Placebo-if benefit from treatment not established
Control-if benefit from treatment established


How to calculate absolute risk reduction

Risk in control in proportion with outcome-risk in intervention in proportion with outcome


How to calculate relative risk reduction

(Risk in control-risk in intervention))/risk in control


What is Number needed to treat and how do you calculate it

Number of patients who would have to receive treatment of interest in order to prevent adverse event in one patient