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Cognitive behavioral therapy


Involves understanding the irrational beliefs that a patient has + showing the patient that those views are wrong

--> trying to change their perceptions


Dialectical behavior therapy



1. making the patient more aware of what he/she is currently thinking + feeling

2. getting the patient to reflect on and accept those thoughts + feelings openly without judgment


--> used for borderline PD


Psychobiological treatments

Using drugs to counteract the chemical imbalances in the brain

--> e.g.: antidepressant etc


Psychodynamic group therapy

Involves creating a therapeutic community, intended to develop feelings of empathy + responsibility towards peers

--> counterpo+roductive for antisocial people, because theyll use input about other peoples feelings + behavior to engage in manipulative behavior 


What is said to be the most successful method for treating antisocial people ?

Making it the persons own self interest to avoid exploiting other people

--> showing them what criminal acts might lead to


Characteristics of personality disorders 

1. Defined by Personality traits, not symptoms

2. Traits are rigid + inflexible, therefore maladaptive

  •  usually we should be able to use our personalities in an adaptive way

3. Interpersonal

  • how we interact with other people

5. Ego-syntonic

  • people suffering from them just perceive the personality disorder to be normal/ a part of the self

6. Long duration

7. Early onset

8. Treatment resistent 


Alternative classifications of personality disorders

1. Personality disorders lie on a continuum with mental disorders 

ex.: Schizotypal disorder + Schizophrenia 


2. Personality disorders are extreme versions of personality traits