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Where are the bulbourethral glands derived from embryologically?

the urogenital sinus


What is the arterial supply to the bulbourethral glands?

arteries to the bulb of the penis.


What is the innervation of the bulbourethral glands?

autonomic innervation from the prostatic plexus?


What does Point and Shoot mean?

parasympathetic innervation goes into maintaining the erection before ejaculation, and sympathetic innervation is involved in the ejaculation.


Where do the bulbourethral glands lymphatics drain to?

internal and external iliac lymph nodes.


What is the main function of the seminal vesicles?

Provide the majority of the volume (70%) of semen.


Where are the seminal vesicles?

between the bladder fundus and the rectum.
They are around 5cm long.

They combine with the vas deferens to form the ejaculatory duct.


What are the derivatives of the mesonephric ducts?


Seminal vesicles
Ejaculatory ducts
Ductus deferens (Vas deferens)


What are the constituents of the fluid released from the seminal vesicles, and what are the functions of each?

-alkaline fluid- neutralise female vagina and distal urethra of urine.

-fructose- nutrition for the spermatozoa, allows them to keep mobile

-prostaglandins- suppress female immune system from responding to the semen as forreign.

-clotting factors- keep semen in female tract post ejaculation.


What is the arterial supply to the seminal vesicles?

branches of the internal iliac artery (inferior vesicle, inferior pudendal, middle rectal)


What is the innervation of the seminal vesicles?

sympathetic (to do with ejaculation, so point and SHOOT)


What is the lymphatic drainage of the seminal vesicles?

To the external and internal illiac nodes.


What is a seminal gland abscess and what's the risk?

the formation of an abscess on the seminal vesicle.
They can rupture and lead to pus being deposited in the peritoneal cavity.
Examined via DRE.


How can examine the seminal vesicles?

via a DRE when the bladder is full.

By palpating them you can stimulate their secretions to be released, which can be sent off and investigated to look for STI's etc.


What are the 2 main functions of the penis?



What 3 structures can the penis be divided into?





What is contained within the root of the penis?

1x bulb of penis,
2x crura

2x bulbospongiosus muscles
2x ischiocavernus muscles


Where is the root of the penis found?

Stationary, not visible externally.

Within the superficial perineal pouch.


What is found within the body of the penis?

3 cylinders of erectyl tissue:
-2 x corpora cavernosa
-1 x corpus spongiosum


What is the glans penis?

An expansion of the distal corpus spongiosum.
It contains the external urethral oriface.


Where is the urethra found within the penis?

In the root, it is found within the bulb of the penis.
In the body, it is found wihtin the corpus spongiosum.


What is the problem with the urethra being the delivery vessel for semen and how is this prevented?

In order to deliver the sperm, you need erection. Erection could cause occlusion of the urethra, meaning semen can not be ejaculated.

The bulb of the penis and corpus spongiosum fill to a lesser pressure than the other erectile tissue, to prevent this from happening.


What are the 2 types of muscles found within the penis?
Where are they found?


Found within the root of the penis


What is the function of the bulbospongiosus?

it is in close connection to the bulb of the penis, and contracts around the spongey urethra to make sure all the semen is ejaculated.

Also aids in maintaining erection.


What is the function of ischiocavernosus?

surrounds the crura of the penis, and contracts, forcing blood from the cavernous spaces of the crura (the holes in the root of the penis) into the corpora cavernosa (within the body), thus helps to maintain erection.


What are the ligaments of the penis and what does each do?

Suspensory ligament- connects the erectile bodies to the pubic symphesis.

fundiform ligament- connects the linea alba to the penis, and to the pubic symphesis, suspending the penis.


What is the medical name for foreskin?



How is prepuce connected to the skin of the glans?

Via the frenulum, on the ventral side.


What is the preputial sac?

The potential space between the prepuce and the glans.


What is the arterial supply of the penis?

dorsal arteries of the penis,
deep arteries of the penis
bulbourethral artery

(all branches of the internal pudendal artery (which is a branch of the internal iliac artery)

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