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By what 2 veins can blood drain from the penis?

deep dorsal vein of penis

superficial dorsal veins of penis


Whats the innervation of the penis?

sensory and sympathetic is by the dorsal nerves, which are branches of the pudendal nerves.

Parasympathetic innervation is by the cavernous nerves from the prostatic nerve plexus.


What is hypospadias?

when the urethra opens onto the ventral aspect of the penis.
Needs correction with surgery.


What is phimosis?

When the prepuce fits tightly over the glans penis, and you get a build up of smegma (oily secretions) within the preputial sac.


What is paraphimosis?

A more extreme version of phimosis, where the prepuce is tight over the neck of the glans, to the point where there may be interferance with the venous/lymphatic drainage.

There may be enlargement of the glans meaning the prepuce cannot be drawn over it.


What is peyronie's disease?

An abnormal curving of the penis due to accumulation of scar tissue, which can cause pain on erection.
May need surgical correction.


What is priapism?

An errection that lasts more than 4 hours without sexual stimulation.
Often painful and is caused by blood being trapped in the erectile bodies.
Can lead to scarring/ erectile dysfunction.

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