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What is a profession?

Type of occupation able to make distinctive claims about its work practices and status


What is professionalisation?

Social and historical process that results in an occupation becoming a profession


What are the 3 elements of professionalisation?

Exclusive claim over knowledge and expertise
Establishing control over market
Establishing control over professional work practice


What is the function of GMC in terms of professionals?

Controls entry to medical registers and can remove practioners from it


What is the socialisation of medicine?

Professionals learn the attitudes and behaviours necessary to assume their professional role (norms of profession)


How does socialisation come about?

Through interaction with others


What is the self-regulatory model?

Profession self regulates by determining who is to be admitted and who should remain licensed


What are the critiques of the self-regulatory model?

Shouldn't assume doctors a 'good people'
Seek to optimise own interests
Professionals shouldn't be protected by monopolies


What factors undermined confidence in the ability of self-regulation?

Scandals such as Bristol Royal Infirmary and Shipman


Why did problems arise in scandals involving self-regulation?

Staff informed but found it difficult to act
Patients who told HCP greeted with disbelief or discredited
Whistleblowers not believed
Doctors discouraged from raising concerns about each other
Credibility gap e.g. mental health patient v psychiatrist


Where are fitness to practice concerns referred?

Medical practioners tribunal services


What are reasons for fitness to practice concerns?

Poor performance
Criminal conviction
Physical or mental ill health


What are some negative outcomes of FTP tribunals?

Suspension, removal from medical register


What are the aims of revalidation?

Assure patients that doctors are fit to practice
Maintains and improves practice
Identify any concerns
Encourages patient feedback


What are the features of the revalidation annual appraisal?

Maintain portfolio of supporting info (feedback)
Positive recommendation from responsible officer


What is a responsible officer?

Responsible for dealing with local performance and conduct issues in liaison with GMC
Shares info about performance and conduct of HCP