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What is a homolog?

A gene related to a second gene by descent from a common ancestral DNA sequence.


An effective method for analyzing protein sequences is to examine _______ ________ between a protein of interest and a group of protein ________.

i) Conserved domains
ii) Homologs


What are conserved domains?

Conserved domains are recurring units in polypeptide chains (sequence and structure motifs).


The extent of similarity between conserved domains of protein homologs can be determined by what?

Comparative analysis


Using a CD search one can?

1) Locate functional domains
2) Establish evolutionary relationship among protein families
3) Interpret mutation studies
4) Make predictions on the structure and function of unknown structure


What does the CDD (conserved domain database) contain?

Sequence alignments that define the features that are conserved within each domain family.


The CDD serves as a classification resource that groups proteins based on?

The presence of pre-defined domains


CDD entries often name the domain family and describe the _______ of conserved residues in ______ and ________.

i) function
ii) binding
iii) catalysis


The CD search is designed to interact with the _____ databases to perform multiple _______ alignments and detailed statistical analysis using the ______ software.

ii) sequence
iii) BLAST


What does the Blast software return?

E-values (expectation values), the more hits, the higher the value.

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