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Flow cytometry is a very powerful technique that enables researchers and clinicians to what?

Analyze the properties of single cells within a population of cells.


Flow cytometry is commonly used in clinical diagnosis because?

it distinguishes the presence of specific cell types or of cells exhibiting specific markers.


Flow cytometry is employed as both a diagnostic and prognostic tool for the analysis of?

lymphomas and leukomias


Lymphomas and leukemias are identified using flow cytometry to identify the presence of cell surface marker characteristics of the malignancies by what?

By using specific antibodies or fluorophores to identify the presence of cell surface marker characteristics


What are the major areas of use for flow cytometers?

Determination of ploidy and cell cycle analysis for cancer research


What are the four basic systems that all flow cytometers have in common?

1) Fluidic system that is the heart of the instrument
2) illumination source (generally a laser)
3) optical and electronics systems
4) data storage and computer control system


What does the fluidic system do?

Determines how light meets and interacts with cells and particles.


Typically, singe particle sample suspensions are directed into a diluent. What is this diluent?

Sheath fluid


The single particle sample suspensions are directed into what and forced into what by what?

The single particle sample suspensions are directed into a diluent (sheath fluid) and forced into a chamber by air pressure.


How does the sample travel through the chamber?

laminar flow


The pressure of the sheath fluid does what to the cells?

Aligns the cells and/or particles in a single file


What is the purpose of the laser?

Lasers are used as the illumination source because:
1) the beams remain compact with little divergence
2) they have high spectral purity (single wavelength)
3) they are excellent excitation sources


The flow cytometer will project a beam of laser light through the ________ liquid stream of ________ _______ buffer to _______ the cells in suspension.

1) continuous
2) sheath fluid
3) illuminate


What is done to facilitate the measurement of biological properties?

Cells are often conjugated to fluorescent probes that bind to specific cellular constituents.


What are the fluorescent probes, generally?

1) monoclonal antibodies conjugated to fluorochromes

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