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What is the stain composed of?

1% coomassie blue, 40% ethanol and 10% glacial acetic acid


What is the destain solution made of?

40% ethanol and 10% glacial acetic acid.


What is the staining protocol?

1- Immerse gel in around 25 mL of staining solution about 5 times, cover, place the container in the microwave and heat for 25s or until see bubbling. Close the lid and put in on rotating platform for 30-45 minutes.
2- Remove the stain and place back into its 50 mL centrifuge tube
3-De-stain the gel by soaking it in 25 ml of destain solution on the rotating platform. eave for 15 minutes.
4-replace the solution with new solution, allow to destain for 15 minues, repeat 2 or 3 more times
5-Document gel using bio imaging system


What are the required lab results?

Electronic image of stained gel.
Determined relative molecular weight of His6-PTEN

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