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What would be found on Wright stain in a patient with herpes simplex ?

Multinucleated giant cells and eosinophilic intranuclear inclusions


How are the vesicles in herpes differentiated from incontinentia pigmenti?

Incontinentia pigments has vesicles in a linear pattern and without an erythematous base


What diagnosis presents as multiple pustules on non erythematous base with vesicles and brown macules in a newborn?

Neonatal pustular Melanosis


What is seen on tzanck smear in a patient suspected of neonatal pustular melanosis?



What diagnosis presents as yellow pustules on erythematous base and occasional vesicles in a newborn ?

Erythema toxicum


What is seen on tzanck smear in a patient with erythema toxicum?

Eosinophils with occasional neutrophils


When does erythema toxicum neonatorum typically appear? What parts of the body should be free of the rash?

Not present at birth but presents shortly after
Spares the palms and soles


What diagnosis presents as lichenification with scratching behind the knees and elbows ?

Atopic dermatitis


How can you differentiate tinea pedis from atopic dermatitis of the foot?

Tinea is scaling and peeling whereas atopic dermatitis is dry and scaly
Tinea spares the dorsal foot which would also be involved if atopic dermatitis


How would you treat eczema that is not improving with emollients and steroids?

Antibiotics against staph aureus


What foods should be eliminated in patients with atopic dermatitis ?

food elimination is not recommended


What diagnosis presents as acute eczema that is not responding to antibiotics and presents with vesicles and crusted erosions?

Eczema herpeticum


What diagnosis presents as greasy yellow patches on scalp, face and skin folds in the first 2 months of life?

Seborrheic dermatitis


What is the appropriate treatment for seborrheic dermatitis ?

Topical antifungal or topical steroids


What diagnosis presents with lesions similar to seborrheic dermatitis with ear discharge and increased urine output ?

Histiocytosis x


What type of hypersensitivity reaction (types 1-4) is poison ivy? How can a rash be prevented after exposure?

Type 4
Washing with soap and water & removing infected clothes


What type of desensitization treatment can be used against poison ivy rash?



What diagnosis presents as red plaques with thick scales on the elbows or knees with pinpoint bleeding? What are these bleeding spots called?

Auspitz sign


What diagnosis presents as small oval scaling plaques that are thick and parallel to the lines of skin stress?

Pityriasis rosea


What is the treatment for pityriasis rosea?

Exposure to sun


What diagnosis presents as dry skin with thin scales and a pasted on appearance?

Ichthyosis vulgaris


What are the 3 treatment options for ichthyosis vulgaris?

Keratolytic agents (ammonium lactate)
Alpha hydroxy acid
Urea containing emollients


How can you distinguish tinea corporis from granuloma annulare?

Annulare is not scaly but tinea is


What is the infectious agent to consider in a patient with a chronic painful papular lesion on the sole of the foot after swimming ?

Atypical mycobacterium


What treatment should you use in an 8 year old female with an itchy rash on the soles of her feet with minimal scaling with spares the interdigital skin, thickened skin and hyperlinearity of the soles?

Triamcinolone cream (Rx for juvenile plantar dermatosis)


What is the cause of granuloma annulare?

Cause unknown - it is a benign inflammatory condition without epidermal involvement


How can you confirm diagnosis of either Ssss or TEN?

Skin biopsy


How can you differentiate TEN from SSSS based on clinical exam?

SSSS is superficial and exfoliated skin will not be red whereas TEN is full thickness involvement and red


What diagnosis would you consider in a well-appearing child with maculopapular rash with central clearing of some lesions and a few lesions on the mouth ?

Erythema multiform minor (not Stephens Johnson because child is well appearing)


What diagnosis should you consider in a patient with fever and rash as well as hypotension ?

Toxic shock syndrome