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Which quadrant contains the cecum?



Which quadrant contains the appendix?



Which quadrant contains the spleen?



Which quadrant contains the abdominal esophagus?

LUQ (middle-ish)


Ligation of the splenic artery probably will result in:

Devascularization of the spleen

The splenic (aka lienal) artery comes off the celiac artery and feeds the spleen from the top. The celiac trunk comes off the abdominal aorta.


Where does the anastomosis between the right and left gastric artery occur?

The left gastric artery is usually the smallest branch off the celiac trunk, and anastomoses with the right gastric artery along the lesser curvature of the stomach.


Explain the blood supply to the pancreas.

*Neck, Body & Tail: pancreatic arteries (branch of splenic artery, which is a branch of celiac trunk)

- superior pancreatico-duodenal a. (branch of gastro- duodenal, which is a branch of common hepatic, which is a branch of celiac trunk)
- inferior pancreatico-duodenal a. (branch of SMA)


The stomach can be divided into three regions of arterial supply. The cardiac region receives most of its blood from the __1__ artery, the fundus region receives most of its blood from the __2__ artery, while the pyloric region receives most of its blood supply from the __3__ artery.

1. left gastric/esophageal

2. short gastric

3. gastro- duodenal


The ___ segment of the abdominal aorta is the most common site for aneurism.



Describe the structure and function of the arcades and vasa recti.

The arcades (anastomotic loops between arteries):
- decrease resistance and increase velocity of blood flow
- decrease pulsations of blood, which results in constant blood flow

Vasa Recti (straight vessels arising from arcades):
- supply alternate sides of the intestine
- provide continuous blood supply to regions of intestine that are involved in digestion


List the anastomoses of the SMA.

- inferior pancreatico-duodenal artery (SMA)

- superior pancreatico-duodenal artery (celiac trunk)

- middle colic:
right branch – ascending branch right colic
left branch – ascending branch left colic a. (IMA)

- right colic:
ascending branch – right branch middle colic
descending branch – superior branch ileocolic a.

- ileocolic:
superior branch – descending branch of right colic


Ligation of the right colic artery may be compensated for by blood supplied by:

the middle colic and ileocolic arteries, due to the anastamoses of the SMA.


The following symptoms are associated with what condition?
Currant jelly stool
Abdominal pain
Poor appetite
No history of abdominal trauma

Intussusception - the prolapse or invagination of one portion of the intestine


Psoas sign and obdurator sign, when positive, are indicators for what condition?