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List boundaries of the anterior abdominal wall

- superior: costal margin
- inferior: inguinal ligament


List boundaries of the abdominal cavity

- superior: diaphragm
- inferior: pelvic inlet


What is the line alba (white line)?

Line between xiphoid process and pubic symphisis, formed by the aponeurosis of the abdominal muscles


What lies deep to the aponeurosis of the tranversus abdominis muscle?

Fascia transversalis


The superficial fascia can be divided into ___

1. a superficial fatty layer (Camper’s fatty layer)
2. a deep membranous layer (Scarpa’s membranous layer)


Surgeons use various incisions to enter the abdominal cavity. How are the incisions made that usually result in the best cosmetic result?

Along the natural tension (Langer's) lines of the skin, which are very constant and run almost horizontally around the body wall.


Who lives in the UPPER RIGHT QUADRANT?

1. Liver
2. Gallbladder
3. Stomach antrum
4. Duodenum
5. Right kidney
6. Right adrenal (suprarenal) 7. Pancreas (head)
8. Colon (hepatic flexure)
9. IVC


Who lives in the UPPER LEFT QUADRANT?

1. Abdominal esophagus
2. Stomach fundus
3. Spleen
4. Left kidney
5. Left adrenal (suprarenal) 6. Abdominal aorta
7. Pancreas (body, tail)
8. Part of jejunum
9. Colon (splenic flexure)


Who lives in the LOWER LEFT QUADRANT?

1. Part of jejunum
2. Part of ileum
3. Descending colon
4. Sigmoid colon
5. Left ureter


Who lives in the LOWER RIGHT QUADRANT?

1. Ileum
2. Ascending colon
3. Cecum
4. Appendix
5. Right ureter


What are Caput medusae?

A condition following an obstruction of the portal vein (portal hypertension) in which the paraumbilical veins (superficial veins), will serve as an avenue of collateral venous return


The iliohypogastric and ilioinguinal nerves are branches of the ___ plexus



List the nerves of the anterior abdominal wall. What do they supply?

T 7 – L1 spinal nerves


The subdivisions of the small intestine are ___

duodenum, jejunum, ileum


Together, the __1__ ligament and the __2__ ligament form the __3__ omentum

1. hepatogastric
2. hepatoduodenal
3. lesser


What is a mesentery? Give some examples.

Peritoneal fold that connects a viscera with posterior abdominal wall (transverse mesocolon, small intestine mesentery).


State the retroperitoneal organs. How is the peritoneum located in relation with them?

* Organs are retroperitoneal if they have peritoneum on their anterior side only. Structures that are not suspended by mesentery in the abdominal cavity and that lie between the parietal peritoneum and abdominal wall are classified as retroperitoneal.


S: suprarenal (adrenal) gland
A: aorta/IVC
D: duodenum (second and third part)
P: pancreas (except tail)
U: ureters
C: colon (ascending and descending)
K: kidneys
E: esophagus
R: rectum