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Soft Agar Assay for Colony Formation

3D culture of cells in soft agar medium for 21-28 days as test for malignancy.


Tests for anchorage independence.


Nude mice

Nude mice carry an autosomal recessive mutation in the nu allele (Foxn1) on chromosome 11 that abolishes proper thymus development and also renders the mice without hair.  Have no functional T cells but B cells are normal.


SCID mice

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency.  Autosomal or X-linked recessive.  Without bone marrow transplant, fatal by age 1-2 in humans.


Mutations in RAG-1 or RAG-2 are typical.  Cause loss of formation of both T and B lymphocytes.




Xenograft testing

Tumors may be transferred to Nude or SCID mice, who do not reject grafts, to see if they grow in this context.  


HER family RTKs