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What is this and when does it go away?

~Turn the infant's head to one side and the arm and leg on that side will extend while the opposite arm and leg flex (“fencing position”). 

~Asymmetric tonic neck

~Age of Extinction 8 months




What is this and when does it go away?

~Head turns to the side of a facial stimulus (touching cheek or corner of the mouth), present by 28 weeks’ gestation.


~Usually approximately 3-4 months at which point this becomes more voluntary than a reflex


What is this and when should it go away?

~Stroke the lateral aspect of the sole at the heel and sweep it firmly forward to the base of the toes without moving across. Fanning of the toes and dorsiflexion of the great toe normal in those less than 2 years old (Per Ted it may trigger a plantar grasp instead and this is also normal). 
~If present after 2 years, often a sign of a brain or nervous system disorder. 


~Age of Extinction: By 24 months but may be as early as 12


What is this and when should it go away?

~Evident with the placement of the examiner's finger in the newborn's palm; develops by 28 weeks' gestation.

~Abnormal if asymmetric.

~The absence of this reflex in the first few months of life and conversely its persistence beyond the age of extinction indicates a defect in cerebral development. 

Palmar grasp

~Age of Extinction 4 months




What is this and when should it go away?

~Infant supine; grasp wrists and lift infant's upper body 1-2 cm off table, then release.

~This reflex develops by 28 weeks' gestation (incomplete).

Startle (Moro)

~age of extinction 3 months


What is this and when does it become voluntary?

~The newborn sucks in response to a nipple in the mouth; observed by 14 weeks' gestation.



~Becomes voluntary around 3-4 months


When do placing and stepping appear?

Placing: appears at 4 days of age

Stepping: appears between birth and 8 weeks