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Ortho Pearls

Know your anatomy
Trust No-one: always check out injury
Examine opposite limb 1st
Examine joints above & below
X-ray joints above & below
X-ray opposite side if unsure
Reading imaging: look elsewhere 1st
Everything takes 6 weeks to heal
Recovery proportional to longevity of problem/complaint
Stupid should hurt


Li-Fraumeni Syndrome

Rare cancer predisposition hereditary disorder characterized as autosomal trait


General Medicine Pearls

Best diagnostic tools: brain & H&P
Do not ignore the "elephant in the room"
Do not ignore your gut
When in doubt- ask
Learn from clinical cases (look up info ASAP)
Do not hold on to the doorknob
Do not chew gum, have change/keys in pocket
Help your patient establish reasonable expectations
Keep the passion
Have fun: learn interesting fact about each patient
Wishful thinking doesn't work
It's the patient's disease
Check your pulse 1st
"An a**hole with a spinal cord injury is still an a**hole"
Get a life


How to keep the passion for medicine?

Sharing with colleagues


How to get a life?

Take care of yourself
Nurture other interests
Serve your community