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What river runs through the Bergerac AOP?

The Dordogne River


What is the style of wine produced in Bergerac AOP?

Still white, red, and rosé wines all made from Bordeaux varietals.


What style of wine is produced in Monbazillac AOP?

Monbazillac AOP produces botrytised sweet wines from the Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties.

Monbazillac is very similar to Bordeaux's Sauternes region, but the wines are often considerably less expensive.


Côt is another name for what well-known grape of Southwestern France?



What appellation in the Southwest of France was historically known for its "black wines?"

Cahors AOP

Made with at least 70% Malbec (Côt), traditional Cahors AOP wines were very dark in color. Today a wider range of wine styles is made in Cahors AOP.



What grapes are the traditional blending partners of Malbec for the wines of the Cahors AOP?

Merlot and Tannat

While Malbec is by far the most prominent, famous, and important grape in the Cahors blend, there are significant plantings of Tannat and Merlot in the Cahors region.


Which river runs through the Cahors AOP?

The Lot River


Braucol, Mansois, and Pinenc are all alternative names for what famous grape of Southwestern France?

Fer Servadou


Fer Servadou is the main grape used in which communes in southwest France?


Marcillac, Entraygues, and Estaing


What is the primary grape variety for the wines of Madiran AOP?


Tannat is a very tannic grape that often needs considerable bottle aging to soften its tannins.


What important (although still controversial) winemaking technique was developed in Madiran AOC?



What other appellation overlaps Madiran AOP?

Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh AOP

The wines of Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh AOP will always be white wines, while the wines of Madiran AOP will be red.


What is Arrufiac?

Arrufiac is a white grape variety that is widely planted in Gascony in Southwest France.

The most famous AOP to use Arrufiac is the Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh AOP.


Which river runs through the Gaillac region of Southwest France?

The Tarn River


What style of wine is Jurançon AOP best known for?

Jurançon AOP is best known for semi-sweet, still, white wines but it does make lesser-known textural, dry whites.

Both styles are made from Gros Manseng and Petit Manseng.


Are the sweet wines from Jurançon affected by botrytis?

No, sweet Jurançon is not affected by botrytis.  Instead, the grapes go through passerillage (where the grapes dry and shrivel on the vine).


What is the difference between moelleux wines and liquoreux wines?

Liquoreux wines are sweet wines always made from botrytized grapes.

Moelleux wines are made from late harvest grapes that may or may not have been botrytized.


From what Southwestern France appellation are you most likely to find moelleux wines?

Côtes de Bergerac AOP


Gaillac Primeur is made using what grape variety?


Gaillac Primeur is the only en primeur or nouveau style wine produced in the Southwest of France.


There is an abundance of IGP wines produced to the southeast of Bordeaux.  What is the most important IGP from this area?

Côtes de Gascogne

Côtes de Gascogne makes light-bodied, dry white wines based on Ugni Blanc.