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What is the classification of the supraspinous ligament-spinous tubercle joint?

fibrous (amphiarthrosis) syndesmosis


What will the supraspinous ligament be attached to?

the spinous tubercles along the vertebral column from C7 to sacrum


What is the classic termination level inferiorly for the supraspinous ligament?

the upper sacral spinous tubercles


What is the termination level inferiorly for the supraspinous ligament according to current literature?

- primarily at L4 (73%)
- between L4 and L5 (5%)


Describe the layers of the supraspinous ligament.

- the superficial layer connects 3-4 segments
- the middle layer connects 2-3 segments
- the deep layer connects adjacent vertebrae


Where is the supraspinous ligament said to be best developed?

in the lumbar spine


What is now believed to form the supraspinous ligament in the lumbar spine?

the tendons or aponeurosis associated with the longissimus thoracis and the multifidis


What is the classic function of the human supraspinous ligament?

it brakes or limits flexion of the spine


What is now thought to be a major function of the supraspinous ligament?

it is a proprioceptive transducer for the spinal reflex

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