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A: "N h i t s-b, F."

Arthur: "No heroes in that scrap-book, Francis."

Arthur shows that maybe he doesn't believe in heroism after all.


F: "T v k t u p o m f i s."

Francis: "The visor keeps the upper part of my face in shadow."

Francis goes to great lengths to keep his appearance hidden.


L: "D b h t a h e, n o u d o t r."

Larry: "Dazzled by his talent and his energy, none of us dwelt on the rumours."

Nobody suspects that there could be such a big difference between Larry's appearance and his true self.


N: "M m a f? I w h k t, r t f e."

Nicole: "My mother and father? It would have killed them, ruined them forever."

Nicole keeps her encounter with Larry a secret from Larry.


Arthur: "Y a g h"

"N h i t s-b F"

Arthur: "You're a goddam hero"

Arthur tells Francis, and potentially himself, about heroism.


S M: "W a h s."

Sister Mathilde: "We all have secrets."

Foreshadowing the fact that we can't judge any of the characters in the book at face value.


"F W."

"Frenchtown Warriors."

This is the name of the scrapbook kept at the St Jude's Club that features Larry and Francis. The name warrior suggests a certain type of majesty when we know that that is far from the truth.