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"H w o h a w w h t b i h p."

"He was our hero and we were happy to be in his presence."

He quickly wins the respect and devotion of the young people because he is good at the things they admire.


"H a [N] h e l d i h, a s l a h f."

"He applauded [Nicole], his eyes looking deeply into hers, as he lay at his feet."

Larry's behaviour towards Nicole is an important indication of how he thinks of young girls. The imagery of her at his feet could symbolise how powerless she is.


"'W t m?' a L LS."

"'What's the matter?' asked Larry LaSalle."

Larry is shown to have a positive side. Here he is shown to be generous and caring.


"S y t."

"Sweet young things."

He has no respect for his victims who he refers to as "things."


"D t o s o m w a a t g t?"

"Does that one son of mine wipe away all the good things?"

Larry doesn't appear to accept the full extent of what he has done. He doesn't take it very seriously because he thinks he can just be excused.


"A t s m s i v, a l o b h t o h f, a s t r d m-s t."

"A talk slim man stepped into view, a lock of blonde hair tumbling over his forehead, a smile that revealed movie-star teeth."

Larry is established as attractive and glamorous. We know that Francis is a big fan of the movies so would probably be taken in.


"L a s a c a t."

"Like a small animal caught and trapped."

This is how Francis describes Nicole after Larry assaults her. This clearly shows how vulnerable she is.


"F W."

"Frenchtown Warriors."

This is the name of the scrapbook kept at the St Jude's Club that features Larry and Francis. The name warrior suggests a certain type of majesty when we know that that is far from the truth.