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F: "I w t c a s a s i F B's c."

Francis: "I went to church after supper and slipped into Father Balthazar's confessional."

Almost like he wants immediate forgiveness for his self proclaimed sin.


L: "W l t t t m u e. I l t s y t."

Larry: "We love the things that make us evil. I love the sweet young things."

Larry has forgiven himself very easily.


N: "I s h s t t t y t d o t p. Y w t b f w h."

Nicole: "I shouldn't have said those things to you that day on the piazza. You weren't to blame for what happened."

Nicole appears to be really sorry for being rude to Francis, however it is unclear whether this is enough for Francis.


F: "F I p f L LS."

Francis: "Finally I pray for Larry LaSalle."

Although it may not be easy, Francis is trying to forgive Larry.