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F: "I w i t r t a w I c j t g c f f."

Francis: "I was impatient to reach the age when I could join that great crusade for freedom."

Francis has a very glamorous view of the army before he joins up.


A: "W w h. W w o t..."

Arthur: "We weren't heroes. We were only there..."

Arthur doesn't believe in heroes but still has respect for veterans. Despite being a veteran himself he is never called a hero.


T M: "Y p [...] i c e f j."

The Mayor: "Your presence [...] is cause enough for jubilation."

Larry LaSalle is portrayed as a typical hero here just pages before he assaults Nicole.


F: "H h b a h t u l b h w t w."

Francis: "He had been a hero to us long before he joined the war."

Francis questions what it is that makes someone a hero. Is Larry only a hero because he went to war?


F: "C f t a, f s o t f."

Francis: "Cheers filed the air, feet stomped the floor."

Reaction to Larry appearing on the Movietone News. Shows how greatly heroes are admired in Frenchtown.


"F W."

"Frenchtown Warriors."

This is the name of the scrapbook kept at the St Jude's Club that features Larry and Francis. The name warrior suggests a certain type of majesty when we know that that is far from the truth.