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F: "T o [s] c M a m g c h i h."

Francis: "The other [soldier] cries Mama as my gunfire cuts him in half."

Francis confronts the true face of the evil he has been conditioned to hate.


F: "B w a c t y t s... l m."

Francis: "Boys with apple cheeks too young to shave... like me."

Francis recalls the boy he murdered. He cannot belie that he was evil and so cannot forgive himself.


F: "A f a a."

Francis: "A fake all along."

After his betrayal, Francis doubts heroism altogether.


L: "W l t t t m u e."

Larry: "We love the things that make us evil."

Larry philosophises on evil. He seems to show no repent for what he has done.


L: "W c l t J g a w t."

Larry: "We can't let the Japs get away with this."

The bombing at Pearl Harbour brings out a new side in Larry. He is hungry for revenge.