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"I w a b N R."

"It would always be Nicole Renard."

Nicole changes his life completely. She is his first, and perhaps only, love and also represents his deepest friendship.


"I b y o l t s."

"I'll buy you one like that someday."

Francis makes a promise to Nicole. This is the only time he is positive about the future in the novel. This is, however, before Larry LaSalle assaults her chronologically.


"I s t c t d. N r d b d t t f."

"I start to close the doors. Not real doors but doors to the future."

The sense of despair that runs through the novel makes us feel sorry for Francis. He has attempted suicide twice and it looks as though he could try again soon. He sees no point in continuing as he feels that he will never be as happy as he was with Nicole.


"I a t o t t, i t d w I c h t d."

"I am tired of this talk, impatient to do what I came here to do."

When he finally confronts Larry, it appears that Francis's "mission" is over. He seems confident and decisive - however he once again defers to Larry.


"I w w h t o o r."

"I wonder what he's thinking of or remembering."

Francis looks at a stranger and tries to imagine his story. He appears to be aware that his story is over.


"I k a b o t s w m n u t b."

"I keep a bandage on the space where my nose used to be."

Francis talks about his injuries dispassionately. He accepts them as a punishment for "betraying" Nicole.


"L a l f e."

"Love and loyalty for ever."

When Francis first sees Nicole he pledges this to her.


"D f o F."

"Don't fall off Francis."

Francis and Nicole's first interaction.


"L LS w l m w."

"Larry LaSalle was letting me win."

Francis suspects Larry is cheating to lose. This could be to try and butter him up before he makes his move on Nicole or a show of genuine compassion.


"M c."

"My champion."

This is what Nicole calls Francis after he wins the table tennis competition.


"J g a" ; "a g o d."

"Just go away" ; "a gesture of dismissal."

This is how Nicole treats Francis after the assault. The feeling from before is gone.


"F W."

"Frenchtown Warriors."

This is the name of the scrapbook kept at the St Jude's Club that features Larry and Francis. The name warrior suggests a certain type of majesty when we know that that is far from the truth.