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Tumour markers for pelvic masses?

hCG, AFP, LDH, Ca125, Ca19-9,


What is hCG positive associated with in regards to tumour marking?

Embryonal cell carcinoma, ovarian choriocarcinoma, mixed germ cell tumours, dysgerminomas


What does AFP mark for (tumour markers in pelvic masses)

Yolk sac tumours** (some immature teratomas)


DO dysgerminomas have a normal AFP or high?



What does LDH mark for as a tumour marker for pelvic mass?



What does Ca125 mark for ?

nothing specific just elevated with cancer


What does Ca 19-9 mark for?

pancreatic ca, can also see with some ovarian tumours


What is a krukenburg tumour?

occurs in GI tract but has mets to the ovaries


What do signet ring cells signify?

krukenburg tumour (from GI tract)


Which of the following statements about ovarian teratomas are false?

a)They are also called dermoid cysts
b)They most commonly affect women in their reproductive years
c)They extremely rarely undergo malignant degeneration
d)They are bilateral in 10% to 15% of cases
e)All of the above statements are true

All of the above


A 66 year old woman presents with a 3 month history of fatigue, anorexia, nausea, weight loss and vague abdominal pain. Her waistline has increased during that time and she says she now requires a larger dress size. On exam, ascites and a left ovarian cyst measuring 8 cm in diameter are noted.
Ultrasound shows the cyst as having septations, the uterus as small and the right ovary not visualized. Ca 125 level is 100.

Which of the following is the best provisional diagnosis?

a)Carcinoma of the fallopian tube
b)Carcinoma of the ovary
c)Cystadenoma of the ovary
d)Carcinoma of the pancreas with pelvic metastasis
e)Krukenberg tumour

ca of ovary


If cyst <6cm what do you do?

follow up 6wk later


What is the most common benign neoplasia of the ovary?

dermoid cyst


Patient over 40 with ovarian Ca, what kind of ca is it?

epithelial cell


What is the most common type of ovarian Ca in patient <20yo

Germ cell


What age group is germ cell ovarian ca most common?



What age group is epithelial cell ca most common in?



What are the risk factors for endometrial Ca?

increasing age, unopposed estrogen, tamoxifen, early menarche, late menopause, nulliparity, PCOS, obesity, DM, estrogen secreting tumour, lynch syndrome, cowmen syndrome, family hx of endometrial, breast, colon


what is the management for endometrial ca?

hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy