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Actinomyces in the vagina or cervix by any lab technique is ____ (yes/no) diagnostic of disease.

Not diagnostic of disease


T/F; Standard abx tx without IUD removal may be offered to asymptomatic women with lab evidence of gonorrhoea or chlamydia.

True. Should be assessed for appropriateness for continued IUD use


Women who conceive with an IUD that remains in site, the risk of miscarriage is _____ %

40 - 50%. Twice as high as general obstetric population. Whenever possible, removing IUD is the right answer


If Leep or an ablative procedure is to be performed with IUD in situ do you leave the IUD in or take it out

Leave it in and push strings into cervical canal to perform procedure


How do you treat someone who misses OCP pills

back up method for seven days after two missed pills regardless of dose


How much ethinyl estradiol is in standard OCPs

30 - 35mcg.


OCPs with lower dose ethinyl estradial are just as effective as those with 30 - 35mcg

Similar contraceptive efficacy, as long as adherence is good


metabolism of OCs is accelerated by any drug that increases liver microsomal enzyme activity such as many of the anticonvulsant drugs, including  ____ and _____

phenytoin and phenobarbital.
As a result, the contraceptive efficacy of an OC is likely to be decreased in women taking these drugs


the metabolism of OCs is not affected by antibiotics, with the exception of ______.



What is the Ddx? woman with a longstanding IUD develops new severe cramping or abdominal tenderness-

Ddx- pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and IUD expulsion or perforation.


What is the Ddx? new onset abnormal bleeding in women after prolonged use of IUDs – watch out for Age

Ddx- displacement of the device, pregnancy (intrauterine or ectopic), infection, as well as gynecologic disorders of the cervix or uterus (eg, leiomyomas, polyps, endometrial cancer)


42 year old divorced, new sexual partner , met at online dating site preparing for first date

. List 3 counselling items to discuss?



List barrier methods of contraception .
The first two must be reuseable

cervical cap
female condoms
male condoms


What are three important unacceptable health risk/absolute contraindications for use of combined OCP

1. Age ≥35 years and smoking ≥15 cigarettes per day
2. positive or unknown antiphospholipid antibodies)
3. Migraine with aura at any age


what are all unacceptable health risk/absolute contraindications for use of combined OCP

Age ≥35 years and smoking ≥15 cigarettes per day
●Multiple risk factors for arterial cardiovascular disease (such as older age, smoking, diabetes, and hypertension)
●Hypertension (systolic ≥160 mmHg or diastolic ≥100 mmHg)
●Venous thromboembolism
●Known thrombogenic mutations
●Known ischemic heart disease
●History of stroke
●Complicated valvular heart disease (pulmonary hypertension, risk for atrial fibrillation, history of subacute bacterial endocarditis)
●Systemic lupus erythematosus (positive or unknown antiphospholipid antibodies)
●Migraine with aura at any age
●Breast cancer
●Hepatocellular adenoma or malignant hepatoma


What are conditions in which a progestin only contraceptives may be desirable

Migraine HA
Age > 35 yo
Hx of thromboembolic disease
Cardiac Dx, esp CAD or Heart failure
Cerebrovascular disease
early post partum period
HTN with vascular disease or older than 35 years of age
SLE with vasc. disease, nephritis, or ANA +