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What is the typical number of segments that unite to form the adult coccyx?

4 Segments


What feature is present at the top of the manubrium sterni?

Jugular notch (suprasternal notch)


What is the name given to the articular site at the superolateral margin of the manubrium sterni?

Clavicular notch


What names are given to the articular sites for the joint with the first and second rib?

Costal Notch I for the first rib costal cartilage
Costal Notch II for the seconds rib costal cartilage


How many sternebrae for the corpus terni?

4 Sternebrae


What surface feature on the corpus sterni identifies the location of the old synchondrosis?

Transverse lines


What articular sites for the costal cartilage of ribs will be identified on the corpus sterni?

Costal notch II-VII


What feature of the corpus sterni is present in 4-7% of the population?

A sternal foramen