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What is the outline of the vertebral body of T1 from the superior view?

Somewhat rectangular with curved anterior edges


What is the appearance of the vertebral body of T1 form the anterior view?

Both sides of will appear to be scalloped (indented) between the epiphyseal rim


What is the appearance of the superior surface of the vertebral body of T1?

It is somewhat cupped shaped with elevations at the posterior and lateral margins


What is the appearance of the inferior surface of the vertebral body of T1?

Typically flat, lacking anterior and posterior lips characteristics of the cervicals


What is the position and direction of the pedicle from the vertebral body of T1?

The pedicle arises from the upper third of the vertebral body and projects posterior and slightly lateral


What is the direction of the transverse process at T1?

The transverse process projects nearly straight out


What is present at the tip of the transverse process of T1?

The transverse tubercle


What is present on the transverse tubercle of T1?

The transverse costal facet


What is the orientation of the transverse costal facets for T1?

They face forward and outward


What is the angulation of the spinous process of T1?

The undersurface of the T1 spinous process will be horizontal from the horizontal plane


What surfaces are present on the upper and lower margins of the T1 vertebral bodies?

The right and left superior costal facet
The right and left inferior costal demi-facet