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What is CODIS?

Combined DNA Index System

CODIS is the FBI's program of support for criminal justice DNA databases as well as the software used to run these databases.


How many core loci underly CODIS and how many population datasets are included?

13 core loci

over 50 population databases; more than 10 000 individuals


What does YHRD stand for?

Y-STR Haplotype Reference Database


How many core loci are defined by SWGDAM for Y-STR analysis?



SWGDAM recommendations for mtDNA typing

  • GLP and follow specific protocols
  • Negative and positive controls and extraction reagent blanks
  • reported sequences must be based on redundant information from forward and reverse primers
  • manual transcription should be avoided
  • independent confirmation by two scientists
  • labs shall participate in proficiency testing programs
  • sequence entire mitochondrial DNA control region in population genetic studies
  • report relative to rCRS, allignment needed
  • use IUPAC convention
  • use analytical software that checks for phylogenetics
  • be able to justify choice of database and statistical approach
  • establish statistical guidelines for reporting match between two samples


SWGDAM recommendations for mtDNA heteroplasmy

  • labs have to establish their own guidelines on how do deal with them
  • "differences in both PHP and LHP do not constitute evidence for excluding two otherwise identical haplotypes as deriving from the same source or same maternal lineage"
  • put the dominant variant into database