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Which are the most common manner of deaths when sharp violence is used? (in Sweden)

suicide and homicide (ca 50 per year), while accidents are only 2-5 cases per year


What is sharp violence?

Wounds caused by sharp-edged and pointed weapons


Which is the most common used weapon in sharp violence?

the knife

also: razor-blades, glass, axe, screw drivers, arrows, scissors


Name the three different kinds of sharp violence wounds

  • incised (cut) wounds: lenght exceeds depth
  • stab wounds: depth exceeds length
  • chop wounds: sharp and blunt (both long and depp), e.g. by axe or sword; needs to be heavy


Name characteristics of incised wounds

  • a sharp edge is drawn against the skin
  • sharp edges of the wound (when perfeclty sharp weapon)
  • no tissue bridges
  • no injuries in the skin next to the wound (such as bruises)


Name characteristics of stab wounds

  • a pointed weapon
  • a wound in the skin and a wound track in the body
  • the edges of the wound are often regular
  • signs of blunt force in the skin next to the wound (e.g. bruises)
  • no tissue bridges
  • shape of the wound may have shape of the tool


What parameters are used to describe a wound?


  • size
  • shape
  • edges and ends
  • depth and direction
  • location on the body


Which questions has the doctor to answer after the examination?

  • what kind of weapon/what characteristics of weapon
  • manner of death
  • cause of death
  • position of victim and perp
  • injuries after death


Which questions has the doctor to answer in the court?

  • how much force was needed?
  • what was the survival time (could he have been saved?)
  • physical activity (could the person have been active after stabbing?)


What circumstances can be found if the stabbing/cutting was self-inflicted/suicide?

  • weapon near the body
  • previous attempts
  • suicide note
  • mental illness/abuse


What is the injury picture in self inflicted deaths/suicide?

  • exposed skin is cut
  • forearm, wrist, throat, chest (a place you can reach)
  • hesitation wounds


What are circumstances of homicide with sharp violence?

  • no weapon at crime scene
  • influence of alcohol


What is the injury picture in homicide with sharp violence?

  • through clothes
  • number/location of injuries
  • defence wounds
  • more than one fatal injury
  • other injuries, blunt force
  • no hesitation wounds


What are characteristics for accidental death due to sharp violence?

  • some professions, where you use tools
  • often injuries to the hand


Name causes of death associated with sharp violence? (6)

  • exsanguation
  • tamponade (heart sac filled with blood)
  • blood aspiration (suffocation in blood)
  • pneumothorax
  • air embolism
  • inflammation


How does one determine the force needed for the injury following sharp violence?

  • condition of the knife
    • sharp/dull point
    • sharp/dull cutting edge
    • thin/thick blade
    • double/single edge
  • resistance of the tissue/clothing
  • depth and length of the stab wound