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What is homicide?

Death caused by another person, regardless of intention or circumstances


Name three legal homicide terms

  • murder
  • manslaugther
  • causing another's death

controlled by the degree of intent etc.


Which are the dominating homicide methods?

  • stabbing
  • shooting
  • blunt violence
  • asphyxiation


some homicide in Sweden data

  • approx 90% of perps are men
  • in approx 85% of cases the victim knows the perp
  • knives most common in relationship crimes
  • weapons used in 75% of the cases (40% of them a knive)


What is filicide?

A parent killing their own child


What is infanticide?

Sometimes defined as homicide carried out by the mother, where the child is a maximum of 1 year old

Only in some countries existing


what is neonaticide?

Killing within 24h of birth


"Kinds" of filicide

  • physical abuse/disabuse without intention to kill
    (commonly (step)father, mother)
  • expanded suicide (almost always father)
  • "altruistic motive": parents want to save child from evil world, may also be cultural
  • neonaticide: usually young mother with unwanted child


Describe the role of the pathologist in homicides

He has to determine the cause and time of death.

  • If shot: shooting range, angle, type of weapon
  • If stabbed: type of  weapon, one-edged/two-edged, lenght of blade etc.
  • If assaulted: hit, kick, weapon, falls with hits
  • If strangled: by hand - how, other way


Vital signs for hanging or manual strangulation

  • Petechia: more common with manual strangulation
  • Bleedings of the straight neck musculature: typical for hanging
  • Bleeding/fibrin... breaking of hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage  (more pronounced in manual strangulation, but common also in hanging)
  • simons tecken (inte endast häng)
  • air under muscle fascies - CT needed (maybe only hanging)


Name three kinds of hanging

  • incomplete hanging: person touches the ground
  • typical hanging: knot in the back
  • atypical hanging: knot in the front/side - most common


Difference between suicidal shot and being shot by somebody else

  • shooting: several wounds (hard to create yourself)
  • suicidal shot: typical blood staining pattern on your hand plus "dirt" from the gun