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What is an example of hydration complex, associated with transition metals?

CuSO4-5 H2O


What is an example of a complex ion associated with a nonmetal, in regards to transition metals?



AgCl is soluable in _______, not soluable in _______.

Aqueous ammonia (due to the formation of the complex ion [Ag(NH3)2]+


The formation of complexes, for transition metals, causes what?

The d-orbitals to split into two energy sublevels


The two energy sublevels of transition metals allows complexes to do what?

Enables many of the complexes to absorb certain frequencies of light


Which frequencies give the transition meta's complexes their characteristic color?

The frequencies not absorbed give the complexes their characteristic colors


What is subtraction frequencies?

Frequencies not absorbed


When we perceive an object as a particular color, what is it due to?

That color is not absorbed, but rather reflected by to you by the object.


What does our brain tend to mix when visualizing a transition metal?

The subtraction frequencies with their complementary color or the frequency absorbed.