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Common symptoms of cancer

Lumps, bleeding, pain, change in function (change in bowel habit, cough, SOB, weight loss, fever)


Definition of QoL

Subjective evaluation of life as a whole
Patient's appraisal of and satisfaction with current level of functioning
Physical, social + mental well being


What is measured to assess QoL?

Physical functioning
Disease + treatment related symptoms
Psychological functioning
Social functioning
Spiritual concerns
Cognitive function
Sexual function
Body image


Tools for assessing QoL + examples of each

Generic = medical outcome study (MOS) short form (SF)-36
Cancer specific = EORTC QL Core 30 + FACT
Cancer site specific = EORTC lung cancer module
QoL domain specific = HAD scale, Karnofsky performance status, memorial symptom assessment scale, McGill pain questionnaire


What is QALY + QTWIST?

Quality adjusted life years
Quality of time without symptoms or treatment side effects


What is the HAD scale?

Hospital anxiety + depression


What is the Rotterdam checklist?

Screening for depression + anxiety