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What are positive + negative surgery margins?

Positive = cancer cells come right to edge of removed tissue

Clear/ negative margins = no cancer cells seen at outer edge of removed tissue


What forms of biopsy are there?

Fine needle aspiration cytology

Tru-cut needle biopsy (piece is sampled under LA)

Incisional biopsy

Excisional biopsy


How can surgery be used for staging?

Surgical axillary lymph node assessment = allows more accurate assessment of cancer + risk of relapse


What is cytoreductive surgery + when is it used?

Reducing bulk of tumour for long term benefit

Used in ovarian cancer


When is curative surgery for mets used?

When there is a solitary met (lung met from sarcoma or liver met from colon cancer)


What are examples of palliative surgery?

Bypass procedure for intestinal obstruction

Orthopaedic pinning of bone fractures