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How is Hep B managed?

- Pegylated interferon-alpha used to be the only treatment available. It reduces viral replication in up to 30% of chronic carriers. A better response is predicted by being female,


How are people immunised against Hep B?

- Course of 3 injections of HBsAg
- One off booster at +5yrs
- at risk groups who need vaccination: health workers, sex workers, IV drug users, relatives, regular receivers of blood transfusions, CKD patients, chronic liver disease patients, prisoners
- 10-15% respond poorly to immunisation. Reasons include immunosuppression, >40yrs, smoker, obese, alcohol excess
- those at risk of exposure should have their HBsAb tested:

>100 is good, no further testing needed
10-100 average, requires further single dose of HBsAg


What are the complications of Hep B?

- Chronic hepatitis (5-10%)
- Fulminent liver failure (1%)
- Hepatocellular carcinoma
- Glomerulonephritis
- Polyarteritis nodosa
- Cryoglobulinaemia