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Right and Left hip bone formation

Formed by the union of the
Illium - Above
Ischium - Bhind
Pubis - Extending forward toward the midline


Iliac Crest

Location: Rough rounded upper surface of the ilium


Gluteal Surface

Location: Posterior surface of the ilium,
Function: where three powerful gluteal muscles attach


Iliac Fossa

Location: anterior surface of the ilium
Function: where the iliacus muscles, a strong hip flexor is located


Anterior Superiro and Anterior Inferior Spines

Project foward


Posterior Superior and Posterior Inferior Iliac spines

Project backward


Auricular Surface of the Ilium

Function: where the rough ear shaped lateral edges of the sacrum unite with the auricular surface of the ilium,
Form the sacroiliac joints.


Sacroiliac Joints

Function: weight of the body is transmitted to these joints. Has very little movement


Anterior and Posterior sacroiliac ligaments

Reinforce the sacroiliac joints


Ischial Spine

Location: Sharp projection of bone off the ischium
Function: seperates the greater sciatic notch above from the lesser sciatic notch below.
Ligaments attach here to convert the notches into sciatic foramina


Ramus of Ischium

Location: below the lesser sciatic notch


Ischial Tuberosity

Location: roughened prominece that is below the sciatic notch and above the ramus of ischium
Function: attachment of the "hamstring" muscles of the thigh


Pubic Crest

Upper border of the pubic bone


Pubic tubercle

Lateral from the midline, crossed by the spermatic cord as it passes through the inguinal canl


Articular Surface

Location: medial side of each pubic bone
Function: forms the symphyis pubis joint in the midline
Covered with hyaline Cartilage with a plug of fibro cartilage in btwn that serves to keep these two bones separated yet forming a nearly immovable joint.


Obturator Foramen

Formed by the pubis and ischium
The obturator membrane attached to the margin of the forament.
Actually sealed by this fibrous membrane, with only a small opening for the passage of small vessels and a nerve.


Male Vs Female Obturator Foramen

Male: Triangle
Female: oval



Location: formed by the ilium, ischium and pubis
C-shaped cavity
Function: lined with hyaline cartilage for the articulation with the head of the femur within the hipjoint.