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Three elements of the hip bone form the hip socket
This process is not completed until after puberty.



Articulate inferiorly with the pelvis, permitting the transfer of weight from the head, neck and upper extremeities and trunk to the lower extremitites, faciliating the upright posture characteristic of humans.


Anterior Longitudinal

Location: extends from the atlas to the upper portion of the sacrum,
Function: binds together the bodies of the vertebrae


Posterior longitudinal ligament

Location: extends from the axis to the scarum,
function: firmly attached to the periosteum of the vertebral bodies, and are NOT bound to the intervetebral discs,
Provides tremendous strength and stability to the spine with decreasing range of motions


Iliolumbar Ligamenst

Location: extend from the transverse processes of the 5th lumbar vertebra to the iliac crest on each side.


Sacroiliac Joints

two synovial joints
Location: formed btwn the auricular elements of the sacrum on each side and hyaline cartilage covering the auricular surfaces of the ilium on the corresponding side.
Injury: may product sigfig localized pain and even result in compression of the large sciatic nerves, creating agonizing pain in the lower limbs.


Anterior Sacroiliac Ligaments

Location: pass from the sacrum to the iliac fossa on each side.
Function: along with the posterior sacroiliac ligaments, serve to surround and support the articular joint capsule.


Inguinal Ligaments

Location: on either side run obliquely btwn the anterior superior iliac spine and small crest on the pubis known the pubic tubercle.


Sacrospinous ligament

Extending btwn the sacrum and the tip of the ischial spineto create the greater sciatic forament.


Sacrotuberous Ligament

Extends btwn the sacrum and ischial tuberosity and together with the sacrospinous liagment, creates the lesser sciatic forament


Iliofemoral ligaments

Strengths the fibrous capsule of the hip joint.
Location: spirals around the long axis of the femoral neck.
Y-shaped ligament arises from the anterior inferior iliac spine and the rime of the acetabulum.
Attach tot he the upper and lower portions of the interochanteric line and extends btwn the greater and lesser troachnters of the femur.
IMPORTANT: it limits extension of the hip joint and forms the axis around which the neck of the femur rotates in dislocaiton of this joint.