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What is the problem with understanding culture? 

There are many definitions of culture 


What does the concept of culture, cultural identity, or belonging to a cultural group involve? 

Active engagement, not something just described 


What is it probelmatic to assign cultural categories to? 

Single characteristics 


What is the relationship between identity and culture? 

Identity is drawn from culture, not simply formed from it 


How does the Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) define culture? 

As the relationship to group or groups with whom he or she identifies  


What may an individuals identity be based on? 

Heritage, as well as an individuals circumstances and personal choice


What factors may affect someones culture? 

Race Ethnicity Age Language Country of origin Acculturation  Sexual orientation  Gender Socioeconomic status Religious or spiritual beliefs Physical ability Occupation  Others


What behaviours may a persons culture influence? 

Communication styles Diet preferances  Health beliefs Family roles Lifestyle Rituals Decision-making processes


What can the behaviours impacted by a persons culture influence? 

How patients and health care professionals perceive health and illness How they interact with one another


Why is the AAMC definition of culture used? 

Patient/individual centred Clinically applicable Through interplay of external and internal meanings, construct a sense of identity and unique cultures  Patients define which aspect of their cultural belonging is relevant at any particular point, and it can differ in different contexts Dynamic definition allowing for change Patients and professionals are acknowledged to have culture


When may someones culture and cultural identity change? 

In clinical context At different life stages On clinical presentation


What is the problem with the term diversity? 

Imprecise and inconsistent use 


What may diversity mean?

Diversity of ethnicity


What is the problem with the term diversity just referring to diversity of ethnicity?

Much broader range of differences relating to individual characteristics beyond ethnicity   


Why is diversity important to healthcare?

Increasing diversity of populations, both patients and workforce
Increasing, albeit limited, evidence that taking a patient-centred approach improves outcomes Huge disparities in care accessed  Disparities beyond the point of access Differential outcomes Legislative frameworks


Why are there huge disparities in care access, related to diversity? 

Doctors make decisions on who to give care to, may be subconsciously affected by ideas they have 


Give an example of where a doctors subconscious ideas may lead to disparities in care accessed

May not give black women aggressive treatment, because they don't think they can take it, or don't think that they're worth the resources  


What is the result of legislative frameworks, with regards to diversity and healthcare? 

Equal care must be given irrespective of patient factors 


When do problems arise, regarding diversity and healthcare? 

Lack of knowledge Self protection/denial  Fear of the unknown/new Feeling of pressure due to time constraints


What does a lack of knowledge lead to in healthcare and diversity? 

Inability to recognise differences 


What is the problem with an inability to recognise differences in healthcare? 

Treating patients the same is not always the same as equal care, as each patient has their own needs


What does self-protection/denial lead to when thinking about diversity and healthcare? 

An attitude that these differences are not significant, or that our common humanity transcends our differences 


What leads to a fear of the unknown/new when thinking about diversity and healthcare? 

Because its challenging, and perhaps intimidating, to understand something new that doesn't fit into world view 


What is the problem with fear of the unknown/new in healthcare? 

Decisions shouldn't be based on perception 


What can feelings of pressure due to time constraints lead to? 

Feeling rushed and unable to look in depth at an individual patients needs


What may problems relating to diversity and healthcare lead to? 

Patient-provider relationship affected when understanidng of each others expectations are missing  Miscommuncation  Non-compliance and not understanding patients perspective Rejection of healthcare provider Conflict or isolation within staff groups 


Why may problems with understanding diversity in healthcare lead to non-compliance? 

If they don't believe what you're saying, they won't follow the treatment 


When may conflict or isoaltion within staff groups due to diversity be exacerbated? 

If staff don't fit into global perspective


How is service presentation influenced by culture? 

The way they think about mental health and mental health problems  The way they make sense of certain symptoms and behaviours Their view of potential services, and the services they choose to accept The treatment and management strategies they find acceptable They way in which those who have mental health problems are percieved  Issues of access


Give an example of how culture may affect how a patient accesses services

In mental health issues, some people go to religious leaders in the first instance, which doesn't help in severe cases