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Translate to French:

I like colors

J'aime les couleurs

a color - une couleur

Translate to French:

The color of this light is interesting

La couleur de cette lumière est intéressante

light - la lumière. Note that lumière applies to both "a light" (in a room or on a ceiling) and all "light" in general.

Translate to French:

The lamp is small

La lampe est petite

a lamp - une lampe

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There's a light on the ceiling

Il y a une lumière sur le plafond

a ceiling - un plafond

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The furniture in this house is very old

Les meubles dans cette maison sont très vieux

furniture - des meubles. This word is typically plural when referring to "furniture" collectively. A single piece of furniture would be un meuble.

Translate to French:

The book is on the bookshelf

Le livre est sur l'étagère

a bookshelf - une étagère

Translate to French:

We are going down the stairs

Nous descendons les escaliers

to go down, to descend - descendre. This is a regular -RE verb.

Translate to French:

Are they going up the stairs?

Montent-ils les escaliers?

to go up, to climb, to ascend - monter. This is a regular -ER verb.

Translate to French:

The elevator is going down

L'ascenseur descend

an elevator - un ascenseur

Translate to French:

This elevator is slow

Cet ascenseur est lent

slow - lent

Translate to French:

My neighbor is named Béatrice. She is very pretty

Ma voisine s'appelle Béatrice. Elle est très jolie

a neighbor - un voisin

Translate to French:

The living room chairs are red

Les chaises du salon sont rouges

red - rouge

Translate to French:

The ceiling is blue

Le plafond est bleu

blue - bleu

Translate to French:

She has a yellow couch

Elle a un canapé jaune

yellow - jaune

Translate to French:

They have a grey house

Ils ont une maison grise

grey - gris

Translate to French:

Is your neighbor's house green?

La maison de ton voisin est-elle verte?

green - vert

Translate to French:

My mother has a pink car

Ma mère a une voiture rose

pink - rose

Translate to French:

The book is brown

Le livre est marron

brown - marron. Note that marron is invariable. It is used to describe objects, while brun is used to describe the color of hair and eyes.

Translate to French:

The walls are green

Les murs sont verts

a wall - un mur. To refer to a wall around a city or property, you would use une muraille.

Translate to French:

I have a purple bed

J'ai un lit violet

purple - violet

Translate to French:

He is leaving the white house near our school

Il quitte la maison blanche près de notre école

white - blanc. Note the feminine form of the adjective in the example.

Translate to French:

The television is not black anymore

La télévision n'est plus noire

black - noir

Translate to French:

Do you want an orange pen?

Veux-tu un stylo orange?

orange - orange

Translate to French:

My parents have a big red door

Mes parents ont une grande porte rouge

a door - une porte

Translate to French:

I never open the door for my friends

Je n'ouvre jamais la porte pour mes amis

to open - ouvrir. As with many verbs, the past participle of this verb, ouvert, is commonly used as an adjective -- "open."

Translate to French:

The door is closed

La porte est fermée

to close - fermer. Note the use of this verb's past participle as an adjective here, similar to what happens in English.

Translate to French:

She closes the window

Elle ferme la fenêtre

a window - une fenêtre

Translate to French:

My friend Marc is always depressed

Mon ami Marc est toujours déprimé

depressed - déprimé. Note that "depressing" would be déprimant.

Translate to French:

She is the shyest person that I know

C'est la personne la plus timide que je connais

shy - timide

Translate to French:

Paul has many friends because he is very outgoing

Paul a beaucoup d'amis parce qu'il est très extraverti

outgoing - extraverti. You could also call an outgoing person ouvert.