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Stuttering definition:

Speech dysfluency with initial onset during the preschool years that is characterized by repetitions of sounds, syllables, and/or short words, as well as pauses in timing of speech.


Mild or developmental stuttering:

Speech dysfluency most notable when a preschool-aged child is tired or excited that usually resolves spontaneously if not given excessive attention.


Moderate or severe stuttering (sometimes referred to as acquired stuttering):

Persistent speech dysfluency that is inappropriate for age and usually has a neurologic and/or psychogenic etiology.


Stuttering incidence:

Multifactorial etiology with a 3:1 male to female ratio or occurrence.
Occurs in 1% of prepubertal children
Approximately 20% or early stuttering does not resolve without intervention.


Stuttering differentials:

Normal developmental dysfluency
Hearing impairment
Speech-motor deficit


Stuttering management/treatment:

Encourage parents to avoid excessive attention to dysfluency and be patient in listening to child's speech.

Refer to speech and language pathologist for assessment if child is showing signs or embarrassment, speech dysfluency interferes with communication, and/or parent expresses significant concern