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What are the complications of chemotherapy?

Anaemia and Neutropenic Sepsis.
Chemotherapy can also cause bone marrow suppression.


What is defined as Neutropenic sepsis?

1. Temperature >38 on a single reading or >37.5 on 2 readings over 1 hour
2. Unexplained Low BP and Tachycardia
3. Neutrophil count of <1.0 x 10^9/L


What leads to tumour lysis syndrome?

When large amounts of tumour cells are lysed.


What are the 4 metabolic abnormalities that occur in Tumour Lysis Syndrome?

1. Hyperkalaemia
2. Hyperphosphataemia
3. Hyperuricaemia
4. Hypocalcaemia


How does hyperphosphataemia leads to AKI?

Hyperphosphataemia forms calcium phosphate crystals which deposits in kidneys, leading to AKI


What are the serious outcomes of Tumour Lysis Syndrome?

1. Uric acid nephropathy
2. Acute Kidney Failure
3. Seizures
4. Cardiac arrhythmias
5. Death


How will giving Allopurinol and Rasburicase help in Tumour Lysis Syndrome?

Allopurinol prevents the formation of uric acid.
Rasburicase (a synthetic urate oxidase enzyme) wash out excessive uric acid crystals.