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How are Germ cell carcinoma classified, based on histology??

Seminoma or Non-seminoma


Differentiate mature from immature teratoma

Mature teratoma are non-cancerous (they do not invade tissues), but they can grow rapidly.
Immature teratomas are cancerous.


A mature cystic teratoma in women is also known as a

Dermoid cyst


Compare seminoma and non-seminoma germ cell carcinoma in terms of mode of spread

Seminoma - Spreads via both lymphatic and blood vessels, but more commonly via the lymphatics. Pattern of spread is highly predictable - Para-aortic LN then pelvis and mediastinal.

In non-seminoma, lymphatic spread is similar to Seminoma, but is less predictable. Commonly spread to the lungs. Spread is rarely to the liver, brain, and bone (signifies poor prognosis if it occurs)


When is CT brain done for germ cell carcinoma?

If there is multiple lung metastases, and/or beta-HCG is >10,000


Tumour lysis syndrome is common in?

Common in patients who have large tumour volume, where the cancer is rapidly progressive.
Cancers with high cell turnover, and tumour proliferative states.


What is Tumour Lysis syndrome characterised by?

Characterised by a group of metabolic abnormalities:
1. Hyperkalaemia
2. Hyperphosphatemia
3. Hyperuricemia
4. Hypocalcaemia


What is an acute complication of cancer treatment?

Tumour lysis syndrome


What are the complications of Bleomycin?

Pulmonary fibrosis, fatal pneumonitis