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Name the most common drug causes of hyperkalaemia

K+ sparing diuretics (spironolactone, epleronone)
ACEi (ramipril)
AngIIB (candesartan)
NSAIDs also add to this effect by reducing RAAS


1st step in managing hyperkalaemia?

Calcium gluconate 10% 10ml IV over 2 mins
(slower rate if on digoxin)
To stabilise cardiac membrane before lowering K+


When treating hyperkalaemia, what is done after stabilising cardiac membrane?

IV insulin (5–10 units) with 50 mL glucose 50% given over 5-15 minutes, repeated or a continuous infusion.
Salbutamol by nebulisation or slow intravenous injection
Correction of causal or compounding acidosis with sodium bicarbonate infusion Drugs exacerbating hyperkalaemia should be reviewed and stopped as appropriate; occasionally haemodialysis is needed.