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main developments caused by globalisation (4)

communication developments
transport developments
financial developments
security developments


benefits of instant messaging services (such as Facebook)

easier to communicate with people across the globe- saves time
financial improvements- money can be transferred quickly and easily
people able to voice opinion online


how long would the economy be disabled if facebook was hacked

3 years


drawbacks of instant messaging services such as Facebook

not much privacy
fake news can be spread easily
lack of access for some (isolated)


what is a protectionism

putting in place barriers to prevent and reduce trade in order to maintain internal markets and own manufacturing industries


what is trade and financial liberalisation

groups such as the WTO encouraging governments to remove tariffs and barriers to trade. the idea is to encourage the free movement of goods and services


trade and financial liberalisation leads to ...

more globalisation


example of a protectionist country

North Korea (arguably the only one in the world- completely independent)


benefits of a protectionism (4)

not reliant on other countries
gov is still able to directly control industry
good internal economy
environmental benefit- no imports or exports


benefits of liberalisation (3)

not restricted to what you make and produce yourself - more freedom of choice
more competition which drives down prices
builds relationships between countries


which approach (protectionism or liberalisation) is more economically sustainable (give reasons)

can be seen that protectionism is as the country has the most control over imports and exports. also reduces interdependence and strengthens internal economy. but does restrict people's choices


how has the air transport of goods aided globalisation

goods with a fast expiry date (eg food, flowers from Kenya or organ donations from across the world) can be transported quickly
perishable goods such as food that are out of season can be found in supermarkets all year round


(development in transport) how many containers can a ship hold at one time and what does this mean for the price of goods

10,000 - means the goods are cheaper


how is containerization made more effective

all the containers are a standardised size


why are robotic warehouses more effective than traditional warehousing techniques

less mistakes and much faster (products usually packaged and out of the warehouse in 2 hours)


what is the aim of the World Customs Organisation (WCO)

to stay ahead of any crime relating to the movement of goods and services


what does the EU secure operative do

protects EU transport of goods and services (like the WCO but for just the EU)


what is the case study for management and information systems



HSBC is the world's __ largest bank



how many branches in how many countries does HSBC have

9,500 branches in 85 countries


how many HSBC customers are there

100 million


how much does the HSBC have in assets

$2.67 trillion


what is 'just in time' manufacturing

only making things once they have been ordered


benefit of J.I.T manufacturing

no storage is needed as the product (usually cars) are sold immediately after production


disadvantage of J.I.T manufacturing

the company is heavily dependent on the supplier