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what is global governance

the ways in which affairs affecting the whole world are managed


how does global governance help civil conflict and who is involved

UN peacekeepers- use global governance to end civil wars as they have NO AGENDA (national gov's do)


which global organisations are involved in the global reduction of poverty

UN, WTO, world bank


how does global governance help to reduce poverty

governments in poorer countries don't have the power/resources to do anything - so have to rely on groups such as the UN
richer countries would only normally be concerned with their own country


how does global governance help to limit trade and investment inequality

helps to limit human exploitation
can enforce trade embargoes - increase trade in some areas and decrease it in others


which global organisation deals with human rights violations



how does global governance help to deal with human rights violations

the human rights of people manufacturing products eg: for Apple are being exploited- we need global governance to control this- means 1 TNC doesn't control everything


why is global governance needed to deal with environmental issues

there is no point looking at large issues such as climate change on a national scale- have to look at it globally


why is global governance needed to retain financial stability

can maintain and control the global economy to keep it balanced (can take money from richer countries to give it to poorer countries)


how many countries are in the UN

193 out of 197 countries


what is the UNDP

united nations development programme


what are the 3 main areas the UNDP focusses on

sustainable development
democratic governance and peace-building
climate and disaster resilience


what have the UNDP done to work more effectively on a regional scale

20% of staff from new York have been relocated to regional hubs to strengthen support in country offices


give 5 examples of the 17 millennium goals

no poverty
peace and justice
no hunger
gender equality
clean water and sanitation


to what extent has the millennium goals been met- LINK TO POVERTY IN CHINA AND INDIA

there has been progress on a global system- but what happens globally can be dominated by 1/2 countries. eg in 1990 62% of the world's poorest people lived in china and india. a large fall in china's poverty rate from 60% to 16% has thus had a large impact on global poverty rates


what is the UNEP

united nations environment programme


where is UNEP headquarters

Nairobi, Kenya


what are the UNEP currently focussing on

'#beatpollution' movement encouraging people to pledge to stop using single use plastic


what does the UNEP do

sets the global environmental agenda
promotes sustainable development
serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment


what is the aim of the WTO

to remove as many barriers to trade as possible whilst also ensuring the highest level of security


how does the WTO cause equality (3 ways)

LEDCs have more access to resources and medicine so can combat pressing diseases in their country eg HIV
LEDCs have a stronger voice in negotiations with global powers such as the USA and China
the WTO belongs to its members


how does the WTO prevent equality (2 ways)

benefits MEDCs more as it serves the purpose of MEDCs and TNCs
developing nations are pressed to open their markets- so domestic production cannot compete- can lead to large economic inequality


what is the WSSD

world summit on sustainable development


what is the purpose of the WSSD

bring together world governments, UN agencies, concerned citizens and financial institutions to assess global progress and develop and implementation plan


who was at the Rio Earth Summit 1992

172 governments participated with 108 sending their heads of state or government
2,400 representatives of NGOs attended


what did the Rio Earth Summit 1992 result in

'Agenda 21'


what issues did the Rio Earth Summit 1992 discuss

production of toxic components
alternative renewable energy sources
encouraging use of public transport
the growing scarcity of water


what is agenda 21

a non-binding action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development


what are the 2 key features of the paris agreement (hint: how many countries signed it and what is it)

195 countries signed the deal
first universal and LEGALLY BINDING global climate deal


when will the 2015 paris agreement be implemented