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what does the term 'global common' refer to

resource domains or areas/objects/items that lie outside the political reach of any one nation state


what are the 4 global commons in geography

the high seas
the atmosphere


what is the main challenge presented by the global commons

people will always try and own things
improved technology and increased mineral scarcity has caused this to be required more as different areas can be more easily exploited


what is the principle of common heritage

it represents the notion that certain global commons or elements regarded as beneficial to humanity as a whole should not be exploited by anyone. or should be exploited under a international agreement for the benefit of mankind as a whole


issues of global commons outlined in Hardin's work

free access and unrestricted demand for a finite resource ultimately means that the source will be over exploited until it is completely depleted (individuals act in favour of their own self interest)


what is needed in order to protect the global commons

global, strict, enforced legislation that everyone needs to be a member of


what ocean surrounds Antarctica

southern ocean